Washing & Care

Noor Boutique specifically chooses very particular fabrics and materials to carefully craft their products, so as a result they require the right love, care and attention.

The following are all the aspects to consider when washing, cleaning and caring for your Noor Boutique products, so that you maintain their quality, colour and lifespan to ensure they continue to look great.


  • Always read the product description on the product page regarding all its details as it will normally state what kind of materials and fabrics have been used to construct the item.
  • All our products MUST be hand washed unless otherwise stated
  • DO NOT use a washing machine to wash our products
  • Crepe designed products require a hand wash separately in cold water using very delicate detergents that wont wear down the material
  • All Abayas that are made from silk or include silk must strictly be dry cleaned
  • Many of our products are crafted from a mix of materials and sometimes include a combination of synthetic fabrics so we always recommend hand washing
  • For dark coloured Abaya’s look for speciality detergents such as Persil Abaya Shampoo to prevent colour from fading
  • Whilst drying, DO NOT use machine dryer. Allow your Abaya to air dry. Using the dryer will expose it to extreme heat, which will cause the fabric to shrink and the colours to diminish.
  • If using an Iron, ensure that it on the lowest heat setting and be extra vigilant when pressing out wrinkles and creases. It is also recommended to iron it inside out.
  • We recommend hanging your Abaya’s or any article of clothing using either velvet or felt hangers so that your overlay stays in place and as it could damage the shape of the shoulder. Try to avoid wire hangers
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